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    Fox body 2.3 power steering delete

    So I have a 1993 Ford Mustang 2.3L coupe and I just swapped over to a Manuel rack. Does anyone know where I can snag a idler pulley or a belt diagram so I can delete the pump it’s self ?
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    No power steering or brakes

    Hello, I just installed a power steering pump on my 97. I watched a bad video on how to bleed the system and did it wrong. After installing, I jacked up the car and crunk up the car(I know, this is where I messed up.) I turned the wheels from side to side a few times and had no air so I thought...
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    2000 Mustang Power Steering Leak?

    Think i have a powersteering leak... also if it helps the metal line has some play when i move it
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    Powersteering Rack Upgrade Questions!

    My car is wondering on the road and I have a steering wheel vibration at around 45-60 mph. The steering in general is just terrible. The passenger side wheel when jacked up has about an inch movement left and right. The tie rod end appears to be tight. The steering rack however is moving back...