1. P

    What's it Worth? ‘68 Cobra Restomod

    It’s time :confused: to sell. I’m at a loss at the realistic value of my restomod. Can I get a referral for pricing strategies? Located in Missouri.
  2. T

    What's it Worth? 1989 GT - What's it worth?

    I'm considering selling my 1989 GT and I was hoping to get some feedback on possible price. I've done a lot of looking and prices seem to be on the rise but I'm not really sure what to expect because very little is stock on this car. The odometer shows 113k but it doesn't have the original...
  3. J_5.0_VERT

    Price Check on 1990 5.0 Convertible

    Been working on this 1990 Mustang GT Convertible since i got it in 2018, just looking to see what the general price of this car could go for nowadays being nearly completely restored and all. Any opinions on possible price i could sell for would be appreciated! Thank y'all, General Info: 1990...
  4. jord

    Fox Body 5.0 Mustang Valuation: Owners weigh-in on the buy/sell price today?

    I thought the owners past and present might have the best information to share on this subject. Hagerty Insurance has their own price guide and NADA has theirs, but as these models become scarcer, the word on the street from the guys who own them is the real value of the Fox Body Mustang today...
  5. wiseguyk

    Fox What's A Fair Asking Price For High Mileage Stock 5.0/t-5 Setup?

    Hey guys, I pulled my stock motor and transmission last weekend and have a friend of a friend interested in buying everything. I told him I'd get back to him with pictures and a price but have no real idea what a fair price would be to give him. It's a 1991 5.0 with intake, fuel rails...