What's it Worth? 1989 GT - What's it worth?


Sep 18, 2016
I'm considering selling my 1989 GT and I was hoping to get some feedback on possible price. I've done a lot of looking and prices seem to be on the rise but I'm not really sure what to expect because very little is stock on this car. The odometer shows 113k but it doesn't have the original engine, the entire thing was removed and painted when the heads, cam, and intake was installed. I'm assuming it's a stock bottom end with nothing fancy in terms of rods, pistons, etc. It's always been garaged and never driven in the rain. There are no issues with the car at present and it's rust free. I have copies of all the receipts and a notebook with my maintenance log. Thank you in advance for looking. This forum has always been extremely helpful.

The car made 280hp and 313tq on the dyno

Anything with an asterisk was installed within the last 1k miles

Drive train:
TrickFlow StreetBurner EFI upper and lower intake manifolds (Part#51500001)
TrickFlow Twisted wedge Street/Track heat aluminum heads
Cam - spec unknown
BBK cold air intake
70mm throttle body
72mm mass air meter
BBK high flow cats
Flowmaster muffler with turn downs
MSD ignition
Aluminum radiator with Flex a lite electric fan and thermostatic controller
AC delete
Smog pump delete
Transmission rebuilt in 2015 and in 2017 I replaced 1st/2nd synchros, 3rd/4th slider, input shaft
McLeod stage 1 clutch *
Centerforce flywheel *
Aluminum driveshaft
3.55 rear
Adjustable clutch cable with aluminum quadrant

Full 5 lug disc conversion from SN95 Mustang with 31 spline axles
94-95 Spindles
Koni yellow adjustable shocks
Steeda front and rear lowering springs
Steeda 5 link rear suspension
-steeda upper and rear lower control arms
-rear sway bar
-panhard bar

13 inch Brembo 4 piston front brakes (2000 Cobra R kit) with proportioning valve
13 inch rear Cobra brakes with caliper bracket
Stainless steel brake lines
BBK front sway bar
Steeda ball joints
Steeda tie rod ends
Steeda bump steer kit
BBK strut tower brace
UPR caster camber plates (passenger side bearing cup recently replaced)
Full length subframe connectors
4 point roll cage
Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires - Good tread 245 up front and 275 in rear

Corbeau CR1 - black *
Corbeau 3 point seat belts - black *
5 point harness
Repainted interior panels with original Ford smoke grey from LMR
5.0 floor mats *
Momo steering wheel with optional quick release *
Rear seat delete
Pioneer head unit *new
Eclipse subwoofer build into spare tire cavity
Kenwood rear speakers
Sony xplode front speakers
Hurst short throw shifter (all hardware under shifter was also replaced) *
New shifter bezel and boot *
New dust boot around e-brake handle *

Rio red painted in 2015 or 2016. Car is Rio Red or Vermillion Red. Paint brand is Nason.
18 inch cobra style wheels (I believe these to be cast and not forged)
SVE one piece headlights - black
LED Park lights, front turn signal, reverse lights, rear brake lights

New power steering pump
New AGR 15:1 Performance rack
Maximum Motorsports solid steering shaft with solid rack bushings
New spark plugs and wires
New driver side window motor
New passenger side lock actuator
New fuel filter
New fuel level sending unit
New fuel filler neck grommet
New rocker arm stud and valve cover gasket on pass side
New overflow bottle
Hatch striker bushing
New speedometer cable
New serpentine belt


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