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    Not sure where to ask -HELP - Electrical Issues with 2005 mustang, was headlights and now wipers also random radio coming on without keys

    We got it for my daughter in Feb and instantly spent $1500 on fixing wiring. The headlights do not work on high if they are turned on. Low beams work but when you click to turn high they go off completely. After $1500 that still doesn't work correctly but enough to get by.... The wipers went...
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    2017 Cold Air Intake & Hood Vent Question

    Hello, I was wondering about heavy rain in Florida and a cold air intake. I understand apparently you would have to submerge the air filter in water to cause a significant problem. For peace of mind I would like to maybe add a cover to the filter or maybe a hood vent plug for a 2017 Ford Mustang...
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    Rain Leak

    I got a 93 notch (not a convertible) and everytime it rains water comes down both the right and left sides of the firewall and both floor pans end up getting wet. I checked the fire wall wire grommets but still can't figure it out. Any recommendations?
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    Help Convertible Leak

    98 gt convertible leak. I have finally managed to find it but don't know what to do now. There are 4 small hole tears located in between the 2 layers of material in the bottom left and bottom right corner of the rear window(the holes are on the first layer of material closest to the interior of...