2017 Cold Air Intake & Hood Vent Question


New Member
Apr 8, 2018
Hello, I was wondering about heavy rain in Florida and a cold air intake. I understand apparently you would have to submerge the air filter in water to cause a significant problem. For peace of mind I would like to maybe add a cover to the filter or maybe a hood vent plug for a 2017 Ford Mustang GT premium. Could you direct me to good recommendations or provide feedback on this subject. Thank you!
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Aren’t the stock CAI enclosed and sealed?

What kind of aftermarket CAI are you looking for? Many are sealed I thought at least against the hood.



THe ones ximportdriver posted are your best bet. If you buy the cheap straight out of china ones from ebay you'll get basically a pipe and a cheap filter. Those are the ones that could cause you some problems.
This situation always bothered me also. In the beginning I ran a closed box CAI because of the rain here in central Florida. After a while my mods/needs outgrew the limits of this type system. I now run an open element with a velocity stack built in, satisfied my other mods, picked up horsepower and have had absolutely no rain related problems. Someone told me once to look at it this way, here in Florida we deal with very high humidity most of the time. We are pulling in large amounts of air/water all the time. We can't get away from that so a little water setting on that filter isn't any different. I understand it's hard to accept but it really doesn't make much difference.