1. Mr.Roush02

    For Sale 2002 Stage 2 (supercharged) Roush mustang

    NOTE: CANNOT GET TO PASS SMOG IN CA I am selling my 2002 Stage 2 (Supercharged) Roush Mustang. The car has an Allen M90 Supercharger with 30LB injectors and BBK cold air intake. Miles: 74,000 Original miles Model: True Stage 2 Roush (#6328) Pros: Low miles Great body style Dyno'd at 350 HP...
  2. S

    2006 3v roush M90 coolant disappearing

    Recently did new coils and spark plugs. Upon inspection I noticed I didn’t have any coolant in my reservoir for my heat exchanger. Therefore added some royal purple ice and proceeded to drive it and noticed misfires and fluttering as if combustion was effected. I checked the coolant and it’s...
  3. Mr.Roush02

    2002 Stage 2 Roush Mustang "Factory" Tune

    Hello, I recently got flagged by the State of California for Smog issues on my vehicle. They are requiring that I put the "factory" tune back on my car. The issue is that I have a true 2002 Stage 2 Roush mustang and I am not sure what the factory tune is! Is it still a basic 02 GT Tune...
  4. elarm1

    What's it Worth? 18" Sn-95 Roush wheels worth

    I got a set that were on my uncles Roush. Beautiful car that he sold without the wheels. One wheel had a crack that lead to a slow leak that I had fixed and all the lips of the wheels polished. I might put them on my fox. What are they worth?
  5. R

    roush super charger from 2014 mustang gt to 2016?

    High guys. I'm new here but I've been looking for an answer to this every where and haven't found my answer. I have access to a wrecked 2014 mustang gt with a Roush supercharger on it and I'm wondering if it would be a direct bolt on to my 2016, but just the supercharger setup not the...
  6. B

    For Sale 2008 Roush 428R Mustang

    2008 Roush 428R Mustang, Number 66 out of 200 made, asking $15,000, 62,000 miles, title in hand, salvage title restored with OEM parts, located in Orange/Los Angeles County, (562)686-8086 contact if you have any questions Core Components 4.6L-3V Powertrain Equipped with the ROUSHcharger System...
  7. B

    What's it Worth? 2008 Roush 428R Mustang

    Very important. AZ “Salvaged” Title in hand. Although located in La Mirada, California. The vehicle has been fixed to new. Have all current receipts that the car is in perfect running condition. Just fully serviced, detailed and a full inspection report. 4.6L-3V V-8, 62,000 miles, I was asking...
  8. 0

    Backfire and stall, won’t crank

    I have an 03 roush 4.6L NA car, only mods done to it are CAI, Accufab 70mm TB and intake plenum, and exhaust. It threw a code last week for cam position sensor because it would backfire on start ups so I replaced that. I got a new ac system installed today, Just picked it up from the shop and on...
  9. N

    Deciding on which rims and tires to buy so there is no gap in the wheel well.

    Hello, I am new to this and I figured you all here would know the best information about this. I have a 2003 Stage 2 Roush and I was curious as to which Saleen Rims I should get and tire size. I noticed Americans muscle has a package that has 18x9 rims and they suggest 275/35-18 tires to go on...
  10. D

    Roush pulley options?

    Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section (newbie at Stangnet) I just purchased an '01 stage 3 roush about a month ago and the lower blower pulley/pins are trashed. I called roush and they told me that the pulley I need is discontinued and they can't make one. They emailed blueprints to have the...
  11. S

    Hello from SA

    Hi there, Wish you are all doing well. I drive a modified GT/CS S550 2016, looking forward to your encounters in future posts. Kind Regards
  12. E

    Help with Tune!!

    Hi, I’m currently driving an automatic 2017 5.0 with a roush cold air intake, roush full active exhaust and own a SCT X4 tuner with a Standard 93 octane tune but it seems to be riding a little rough (especially when downshifting, mostly into second gear) Any suggestions what I could change as...
  13. Z

    Paint and Body 2014 v6

    Hello guys.. I want to ship roush upper and lower grille but i can't find their weight anywhere on the internet so does anyone knows the exact weight? Thanks in advance
  14. B

    For Sale 2008 Roush 427R for sale

    Top Level (Stage 3) 427R Roush Mustang; Vista Blue with white stripes; Supercharged 4.6L; 435-HP; short-throw 5-speed; new (correct) Cooper Zeon tires; never raced or smoked in; no dents, dings or rust; driven an average of just 2,300 miles a year; all Mobil 1 oil changes; blue and black leather...
  15. joshc1263

    Wipple Stage 2 Vs. Roush Phase 2

    Looking to get blown whats everyone's opinion on the wipple stage2 kit vs. the roush phase2 kit?
  16. T

    Expired 2014 Roush Mustang $47,780 Obo Syracuse Ny

    Or Best Offer! This is an original Roush Stage 3 with the Phase 3 upgrade. 13,500 miles If you know the Roush cars then enough said. The car has upgraded Verde custom rims with gloss black base and matte clear coat finish and Nitto NT555R tires. The Kenwood DDX deck integrates into the car and...
  17. T

    Roush Value On A 06 Roush S1?

    Hey I'm buying my first car and I caught a ride around base today in a guys 06 roush stage 1. I thought it was amazing so I asked him if he ever thought about selling it. He said he would take 12000 with 89000 miles on it but isn't actively trying to sell. just wondering if it was a good price...
  18. WIKD1

    SOLD Roush Axle-back Exhaust Stainless Steel With Round Tips Kit V6 2011-2014

    I am located in Orlando, Florida (if anyone wants local pickup) and am selling the Roush Axel-Back exhaust from my 2014 V6. I had a deal come up that was too good to pass up, so I traded in the car. This exhaust was on for about 4 months and still looks pretty much new. I am asking $350 plus...
  19. chancock82

    SOLD 2005 - 2010 Mustang Gt Mac Axle Back Exhaust Like New

    These are a set of MAC Axle Back Exhaust system made for a 2005-2010 Mustang GT and Bullitt. These are Like New and only have about 50 miles on them. I bought them new from MAC about a week ago and decided to go in a different direction. These sound really nice and extremely deep. These are $400...
  20. J

    Expired 2007 Mustang Roush Stage 1

    I'm selling my 2007 mustang roush stage 1. I have all the roush documents upgrades: lowering springs front & rear sway bars rear upper control arm drilled and slotted rotors roush air intake tuned long tube headers x-pipe roush axle back exhaust stage 2 clutch roush short shifter 4.10 gears...