For Sale 2002 Stage 2 (supercharged) Roush mustang


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Jan 23, 2017

I am selling my 2002 Stage 2 (Supercharged) Roush Mustang. The car has an Allen M90 Supercharger with 30LB injectors and BBK cold air intake.
Miles: 74,000 Original miles
Model: True Stage 2 Roush (#6328)

Low miles
Great body style
Dyno'd at 350 HP (TTW) 356 TQ
No mechanical issues (Besides smog, see below)
HUGE sound system with touch screen monitor
Signed by Justin Pawlak (Professional formula drift racer for roush)

Comes with:
Car cover
SCT Tuner with only 2 tunes uploaded
Eibach sway bar
Extra Roush shift knob
Convertible top Tanneau covers (needs to be repainted)
Extra serpentine belt
Additional aftermarket push/pull fan

(It is just High Temp Paint that i tried applying to the supercharger intake that is coming off)

Smog (Tune) issue (see below)
Convertible top motor needs to be serviced
Rotors could use replacement
Needs new AC compressor $250
Front tires are balding
Front bumper needs to be replaced (it is still on but is damaged due to how low the car is and is being held on by zip ties for the most part)
Driver seat needs reupholstered
Clutch will need replacement soon (still works great, a little tight, Reverse is a little tough, i usually shift into first to line everything up and then shift into reverse).

Cannot get to pass smog in California. California started a new inspection that checks the Calibration I.D of your PCM to look for custom tunes. Anything that is not factory is flagged and you must show proof of Factory Flash tune with no check engine light and all monitors on and ready. I had ford put the factory tune on but since it is supercharged with upgraded injectors, it is obviously running rich now. 3 codes: P1000 OBD NOT READY. P0172 TOO RICH B1. P0175 TOO RICH B2. If you are interested in the car, i can put the old tune back on it which makes it run GREAT but #1, the tune is illegal (in CA) and #2 the tune shuts off most of the monitors to include the check engine light. I would highly recommend just getting it dyno tuned in your state. Up to you.

I am being 100% open and honest about any known issues with the car and am willing to supply more pics for interested parties. I bought it with 45K miles on it and put close to 30K on it since. Everything else on it from the suspension to motor is all factory from Ford/Roush besides the few things i mentioned. I do not want to sell it but don't have any other option. Time to move on. Price is O.B.O. I DO NOT HAVE THE MEANS TO DELIVER. IF YOU ARE COMING FROM OUT OF STATE TO BUY, DO NOT COME WITH A DIFFERENT NUMBER THAN WE TALKED ABOUT. YOU WILL BE LEAVING EMPTY HANDED.

Price $12,000 O.B.O
Location: Fresno, CA
Number is 559-917-4392
Daniel Tellez


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