1. Ryno5150

    What's it Worth? 1967 coupe, considering selling.

    Something I never thought I would do - sell my 67 coupe. Well not for sure yet, but very seriously considering. Had it since 1995, kinda lost interest. Love the looks, hate the time/money/work involved to make it less archaic. Mild built 351W, T5, 9" rear Auburn posi 3.89 gear, 4 wheel disc...
  2. V

    What's it Worth? Cant decide... Opinions welcome

    Wasn't sure where to post this, so thought Id start here. Looking at 2 cars, really not sure which one i want... so I'm here for opinions from owners. Both are within 5k miles of each other on odometer, (120K).. both are autos... hell both are almost same color. See below for the info... and I...
  3. B

    For Sale 2008 Roush 428R Mustang

    2008 Roush 428R Mustang, Number 66 out of 200 made, asking $15,000, 62,000 miles, title in hand, salvage title restored with OEM parts, located in Orange/Los Angeles County, (562)686-8086 contact if you have any questions Core Components 4.6L-3V Powertrain Equipped with the ROUSHcharger System...
  4. M

    1996 PI swapped Mustang GT value??

    Hi Guys, Need some help...just finished a bunch of work and mods to my 1996 Mustang GT and found out I will be relocating to Texas and just cant take it with me.... Car is lazer red with 156k miles and 5 speed manual. JUST (5 miles ago) Completed a pi head swap with NEW pi intake using 2002...
  5. jord

    Fox Body 5.0 Mustang Valuation: Owners weigh-in on the buy/sell price today?

    I thought the owners past and present might have the best information to share on this subject. Hagerty Insurance has their own price guide and NADA has theirs, but as these models become scarcer, the word on the street from the guys who own them is the real value of the Fox Body Mustang today...
  6. J

    Expired $25k Obo, Atlanta, Ga 01 Cobra Vert. 11k Miles W/kb Charger

    $23,000 OBO Pristine 2001 Convertible Cobra SVT #2151 of 3384 – single/original owner with SVT certificate. Upgraded with Kenney Bell twin screw super charger/chip/air intake (all original parts available). Lower Chassis brace, boost and fuel pressure gauge cluster mount, Traction control...
  7. FOR SALE 1991 Mustang walk around

    FOR SALE 1991 Mustang walk around

    walk around to show how straight and clean it is. It has a big lumpy cam but the wind was too much and the sound is bad.