What's it Worth? Cant decide... Opinions welcome


Jul 8, 2019
Wasn't sure where to post this, so thought Id start here. Looking at 2 cars, really not sure which one i want... so I'm here for opinions from owners. Both are within 5k miles of each other on odometer, (120K).. both are autos... hell both are almost same color. See below for the info... and I don't have pics at this time to post here.
1994 GT, stock 5.0, only mods are CAI, Flowmasters. Needs headliner and brake pads
1997 GT, stock 4.6, mods are CAI, muffler delete and 355 rear. Needs tires.
Both bodies are straight, no rust, interiors are good, heat and AC work on both....
And both are the SAME price exactly!
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The 5.0 will be easer to modify because of parts availability. Would you do your own brake work? The Dronemasters might as well be a muffler delete to the ringing in my ears, so super turbo mufflers would go on either one.