1996 PI swapped Mustang GT value??


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Oct 28, 2019
Mill Creek WA
Hi Guys,

Need some help...just finished a bunch of work and mods to my 1996 Mustang GT and found out I will be relocating to Texas and just cant take it with me....

Car is lazer red with 156k miles and 5 speed manual.

JUST (5 miles ago)

Completed a pi head swap with NEW pi intake using 2002 pi heads and cams. Heads were cleaned and valve seats replaced and diamond cut valves installed with stock springs and retainers.

All felpro gaskets used

Replaced ALL timing componants

Replaced clutch and flywheel

New rear main seal

New front crank seal

New aluminum radiator with new silicone radiator hoses and new overflow tank and cap

New water pump

New thermostat and housing

New oil pan gasket

New coil packs, Ford racing wires and plugs

New power steering pump

New power steering lines

New complete power steering rack

New inner and outer tie rods

Alignment just completed

New fuel injectors 19lb

New AC compressor and accumulator with fresh AC charge

New FR500 style chrome wheels with Federal SS tires (driven 5 miles)

New cobra style head lights and side lights

New fog lights with hid bulbs

New cold air intake with KN filter

New short throw shifter with chrome shift knob

New interior door trim panels

New leather shifter boot

1.5 inch professionally lowered

Axle back exhaust with a nice tone

New reverse glow white face guages

Interior chrome accents

Grey leather with no rips or tears and new power seat motor and switch

Might be forgetting a few things but she is done and clean as can be....not a drip or leak anywhere and engine bay is clean as the come even painted the engine block while I was at it.

Bottom of the motor was inspected and rods, bearings, caps, pistons etc. are in perfect condition.

Body is straight with no dings or dents and cleans up very nice...

Just want to get and idea on what would be a fair listing price...will post pics when I can!!

Thank You!!
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