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    New Project, Need Help

    Alrighty I'm new here. I just picked up a project mustang. It's a 3.8 V6 (unfortunately) with 209k on the clock. I mostly picked it up because it's a manual and the body is in great condition.... and it was a thousand bucks. Here's what I would like to do. I want to build up another low mileage...
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    Can I Add Things To My Car Without Affecting My Warranty?

    Hi everyone, I have a new 2016 V6 standard fastback. I have some issues with my car. First, I wanted to change my oil because I didn't want to wait for the second 5,000 miles. The draining oil bolt was too tight and deformed that I never was able to open it. I will go for the oil change to the...
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    2014 V6 Feeling Sluggish

    Hey guys just wandering if it's normal that my car is this slow. I got 2.73 gears and am fully stock except for body upgrades such as hood scoop and side scoops. When I use the track apps to check my 0 to 60 I am getting 6.8 second times and 7 second times at best. I have done the test with...