Can I Add Things To My Car Without Affecting My Warranty?


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Jun 3, 2016
Hi everyone, I have a new 2016 V6 standard fastback.
I have some issues with my car.
First, I wanted to change my oil because I didn't want to wait for the second 5,000 miles. The draining oil bolt was too tight and deformed that I never was able to open it. I will go for the oil change to the dealer to complaint about it. hopefully they will replace the bolt.
Second, I hear a annoying vibration sound (like a something loose somewhere) in the right side of my car. I could not identify if it is from inside or outside. I used the ramps and lifted my car, but nothing loose. Does anyone had this problem before?

Third, after the first oil change (5k miles), in the ford dealer, I feel my car slower than before.
right now, my car is 9.000 miles and it suppose to fly, but it doesn't. What can I do here?

Lastly, How can I make my car faster without loosing the warranty?

Thank you for all your help.
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Mar 7, 2002
Lastly, How can I make my car faster without loosing the warranty?
Short answer: You really can't.

Long answer: You are protected by the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act when it comes to modifications to your car. However, anything that that law would apply to, isn't going to really make your car noticeably faster. For example, if you changed your rear gear out for a 4.10 gear, Ford would no longer be obligated to warranty your rear end if they could in some way prove that the new gear caused the failure, and trust me, they're going to try should that happen. If you get a tuner and re-program/re-calibrate your car's PCM, they will know it if you show up for service, even if you've tuned it back to stock before bringing it in, and that will be an automatic red flag in the event of a powertrain failure. You can do things like a K&N filter, a cold-air intake that doesn't require a tune, a cat-back or axle-back exhaust, and little basic bolt-ons like that with no risks of an issue, but that's about it. That said, some dealerships are more modification friendly than others, and Ford does have their own line of aftermarket parts (Ford Performance) that won't void your warranty so long as they're dealer-installed (looking at a lot of money).

There is actually good news though. If you install something like improved rear suspension parts, and the engine grenades on you, the engine would still be covered under warranty, as there's pretty much little-to-no chance that an improved set of rear control arms or springs is going to contribute to something like that. On top of that, some of the performance parts builders sell warranties on/with their parts that cover their own parts, as well as other components on the vehicle. 5-star tuning is really popular with F150 owners because for an additional $500, they'll throw in a powertrain warranty with their tuners, meaning that if you're using their tune and the engine, transmission, or differential bites the dust, they'll reimburse you.
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