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  1. D

    2002 V6 Exhaust System

    With the picture I provided, can anyone tell me if that is a catalytic converter, or a muffler??
  2. C

    97 Cobra Exhaust Help!

    I recently noticed my mufflers on my 97 cobra had rusted out. I have had the car since 03 and always loved the sound and tone. Apparently it had flowmaster 40 series on it so I decided to go with the same since I was already happy with the sound. I have only driven the car a little bit so far...
  3. B

    Transferrable Parts Between 2008 3v And 2002 2v

    Hey guys, I was wondering what you could swap over from a 2008 manual 4.6 3-valve to a 2002 manual 4.6 2-valve. Recently was given a wrecked 3V with all mechanical functions still working. The main questions I have is, could I put the 08 transmission into my 02, they are both TR3650, But his...
  4. Chris Lennon

    Weird Noise While Ing Head Scratcher

    Hey guys again... I've done my research and I came up with nothing so I need the stang family to help me out with this.. I have a 1994 mustang gt 5- speed it's has a completely re done suspension from front to back you name it i did it (now I was being lazy and didn't put the pinion snubber on...
  5. W

    Foxbody Sn95 Spindle Question

    A buddy of mine has a 96 gt hes parting out i've read up on the rear end stuff but the front spindles is what have me confused. I've read that you cant use 96 spindles on the stock k member has to be 94-95 is this true or can i use the 96 spindles on my stock k member?? Thanks

    Best Shift Point??

    So I've been debating what the best place to shift at is when doing a hard pull. Normally i shift slightly above redline right about 6000-6100. I know the max hp is at 5250 rpm so that is about 800 rpm above peak hp. But with my stock 3.27 rear end, when i shift i drop down to 3900-4000 rpm...
  7. 5.0Daniel


    So I have a 94 mustang gt 5.0 and I had a carbon fiber glass aftermarket bumper that the rain broke yesterday and I'm trying to find a new bumper also aftermarket that's stronger then fiber glass any suggestions???
  8. S

    Expired 1995 Mustang Gt Vert

    1995 Mustang GT Convertible - Loaded - Red with Tan Leather Interior and Tan Top. Car is in excellent condition- garaged its whole like. High highway miles (174K)- car still runs really strong. Just passed Mass state inspection. New battery, PS pump. AC blows cold air. Kenwood CD stereo tied...