sn95 5.0 complete engine ecu accessories swap.

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    Sn95 engine harness connector pinout

    Im currently trying to simplify the harness from the ecu(microsquirt) to the engine harness. But i have not had any luck finding the pin out information for the 16 pin connector for the engine harness. If anyone has any information on it it would be of great help
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    1995 Mustang 5.0 HO standalone harness

    I have a 5.0 pulled from a 1995 mustang with the wiring harnesses and computer. I can not find anything for this year engine. I would like to save myself 700 bucks by doing it alone... I have the ability to do the work but I can not find anything on what to delete and what the 5.0 has to...
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    Sn94 5.0 Complete Swap To Gutted 88 4 Cylinder

    I have a 94 cobra motor and t5 i would love to know whe i cannot simply use every piece of the 94 becauae the 4 cylider fox is just a roller. I am curious why i cant use everything harness ecu and accessories i know the other comp from fox is better i dont have so id love to use what i have. May...