speed density

  1. A

    Speed density to MAF stock 86

    I'm trying to see if its worth swapping my speed density to a mass air sensor. My 86 GT is stock but I'm planning on getting some GT40 heads and intake later down the line. Is there any benefits if I do it now or should I just wait.
  2. PistolGripSLR

    Speed Density Combos

    I was just given some “Brodix BP ST 5.0 R Series Cylinder Heads CNC Ported” by a friend and was wondering how these would fare on a SD car? So far my 87 Notch has a 306 with mods that include Intake, BBK 70mm Spacer and TB,BBK long tubes,BBK Off Road Cats with X pipe to stainless piping with...
  3. D

    Electrical 1987 cruise control help

    When I got my 1987 foxbody it had the buttons for cruise control on the dash. I’ve been trying to get it all hooked but I’m running into some problems with the wire hookups under the dash. I ordered the yellow cruise control module but there’s only one plug for it under the dash and two white...
  4. H

    87 T-bird W/92 5.0 Swap High Idle

    Hello All, New here. Ill do my best to explain the situation. Bought a 1987 Thunderbird for my brother. The car was originally a 5.0 non-HO. The previous owner swapped in a 5.0 HO out of a 1992 fox body and a AOD trans. He also swapped in the A9P eec without doing any harness changes. The...