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    Engine Fuel pump won’t turn on

    91 GT. Went to start a few weeks ago and battery was dead. Ended up replacing it completely, will crank but no start fuel pump endless priming, read on forums it’s capacitors on ecm. Replaced capacitors which all looked bad and I’m still in the same situation just now the fuel pump doesn’t turn...
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    96-98 flywheel

    i am currently putting a replacement motor in my 99 mustang i bought a 99 f150 motor with a 6 bolt crank and know i need to get a new flywheel. My question is will a 96-98 6 bolt flywheel fit the 99 f150 6 bolt crank. And will the 99 mustang 10.5 inch clutch fit the 96-98 flywheel
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    Welp, One Of My Spark Plugs Hole Is Stripped.anybody Had A Similar Situation That Could Help?

    So the cylinder 6 on my 07 mustang gt had a misfire. Went to midas to have it checked out. Turns out, the only thing holding the spark plug is the coil. Was given two options: 1. try to fix hole with a helicoil (cost: $400/was told there is a 50% chance it will not work.) 2. go ahead and replace...
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    Antenna Base Threads

    Hello everyone I'm brand new to this forum so please be gentle. I just purchased a 2005 Mustang GT, it has an antenna base attached to the passenger side front fender. There is no threads in this base to install an antenna? I saw a post from a couple of years ago from Tony Statis and Mehall...
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    Whistling/ Kettle Noise

    So I picked up a mustang a week ago and on the test drive it wasn't making any noise. The car drove fine and I didn't notice any problems. Starting today however, the car has been making a very high pitched whistling noise and I can't even figure out if it is coming from the back or the front. I...