temperature sensor

  1. D

    Best Air Intake Temp Sensor location for Foxbody

    Where is the best location to install a new air intake temp sensor for my Supercharged Foxbody? In the intake or in the inlet power pipe?
  2. Ethan Keirn

    Electrical 1985 GT

    Hello, recently bought an 85 gt and love it, but shortly after purchase the temp gauge stopped working so I swapped out the temp switch with a new duralast one from autozone. Well the gauge started working again but it was reading way high, like too high, around the A or L in NORMAL. I swapped...
  3. R

    Fox Coolant Temp And Electric Fan Issues

    So I have an 86 with a 91 motor, the gauges didn't work when I got it so I replaced the cluster and fuses, now the gauges work (dash lights still not working) but the fan doesn't kick on and the coolant temp gauge pins to hot as soon as I turn the key, it's not the sensor because I've unplugged...