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    What's it Worth? Cobra @ dealership help

    Hey yall. Looking to trade my 2011 GT Premium for a 2003 Cobra 10th anniversary vert at a dealership. It seems pretty overpriced. They’re asking $24,600 for it when the KBB for it is $16-19k at a dealership. They offered $10,000 for mine and that’s definitely extremely low. So any advice on...
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    Terminator restomod

    hi guys. Ive read countless forums but never been part of a group before. WELL, ITS TIME! I have everything from an 03 terminator and want to put it into my 66 Fairlane. My questions are; 1) who is a good one for a wiring harness for that thing? 2) what are some good options for fuel systems...
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    2003 Terminator
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    For Sale 2003 Cobra Redfire Convertible

    2003 Cobra Convertible Redfire Exterior Color Black cloth top Black interior with Gray insert (Alacantara) and leather 68k Miles Price is $21,500 Located in Hoover, AL Built May 27th 2003 and is 3938 of 5082 and about 611 in this combination Original Purchase was at Eckenrod Ford, Cullman AL I...
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    Need Help With My Fox Body Irs Swap !

    Okay so this is my first post to the forum and I’m not quite sure how to go about my situation. I’m in the middle of swapping a 2003 or 2004 IRS in my 1991 hatch back. The car was a father/son project and my dad has recently passed so I’m kinda stuck. From what I know and have been told by my...
  6. R

    Where Can I Buy Myself A New Terminator Engine?

    so I have a 2001 bullitt and I’m tired of the 2v so I’m looking to terminator swap it but I can’t seem to find a new terminator engine. Can someone point me in the direction on finding one please and thanks!
  7. G

    Buying A Terminator

    Hey everyone, So this might come up alot but I feel like the answer changes depending on the year. I've seen some older posts giving advice but wanted to know what everyone thinks now. I'm looking at buying a 2003 terminator. It's gray with a black convertible top. It's got 118,000 miles and...
  8. S

    Looking For A Wounded Cobra.

    Hey ! New to stang net and looking for a 99-04 cobra to fix up(blown motor/transmission, wrecked). I'd like a termi but it isn't a deal breaker to go older. I don't know if there are specific junk yards or if anyone sees one for sale but I've had no luck so far. If you know where or how to find...
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    Recovering Corvette Owner Looking For A Terminator.

    Hey ! My names Sam and I've been a Mustang fan for a really really long time (I saw carrol at a car show when I was six, since then basically) but when I was 16 I bought a c4 corvette because horsepower was cheap. Man was it horrible. But now I want a terminator and can't afford a full one so...
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    SOLD 2004 Mustang Cobra, 86k Miles, 602 Rwhp

    2004 mustang cobra for sale. Original owner, clean title no accidents, car has been well taken care of. 86k miles on the car total, 30k miles with the whipple. Price is $19,000 OBO. Please contact if you have any questions NO TRADES NO LOWBALLS serious buyers only please. Car is Located in...
  11. Red012v

    Expired 2003 Oem Cobra Front Bumper

    Selling an silver metallic YN oem front bumper off of a 2003 cobra. Has plugs in the holes for the license plate. Has rock chips from daily driving. No fogs,bezels, or chin spoiler. 200 obo in oregon.
  12. Mustang's & Friends Car Cruise

    Mustang's & Friends Car Cruise

    a little get together thrown together last minute and couldn't have turned out any better honestly..weather was good to us, so we took the best of it...hope you enjoy! this was film by professionals on a closed coarse in mexico..thank you and good day thanks for watching thanks to...