Terminator restomod


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Nov 26, 2019
hi guys. Ive read countless forums but never been part of a group before. WELL, ITS TIME! I have everything from an 03 terminator and want to put it into my 66 Fairlane. My questions are;
1) who is a good one for a wiring harness for that thing? 2) what are some good options for fuel systems? return style of course. Thank you all and I hope I can find some direction here.
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Sep 30, 2006
Nashville TN
Personally I like the flexibility of a standalone like Megasquirt to run the engine...dead simple wiring and easy to modify fuel and spark maps(also allows you to ditch the MAF....tuneable speed density is better if you dont have VVT)

As for fuel systems...pretty sure you can use this tank and pump in a Fairlane as well:

Simple, cheap, and keeps fuel lines(and inevitable vapors) out of your trunk unlike a lot of other EFI systems....the pump is likely good for factory terminator power levels, but I wouldn't go too far beyond that without upgrading it(or replacing it with a low-pressure in-tank pump feeding an external high pressure pump similar to the setup in a Merkur XR4Ti)