1. D

    Tr3650 to Tko500 swap

    Hey everyone, so unfortunately my third year in my 02 GT with a tr3650 went from occasionally grinding, to a completely shot synchro, so it's time to go. I've been extremely interested in a Tko 500 swap but I have to be 100% clear what I need to do the swap so I can crunch numbers and see what...
  2. N

    SOLD Supercharged 1989 SSP Coupe $13,500 obo

    1989 ex Texas Department of Public Safety Special Service Package coupe, verified by buck tags and VIN on the VIN project list. H/C/I/SC, TKO600, 31 spline axles, Tweecer RT. Lots of pics: My goal for the build of the...
  3. Jason 302

    SOLD 03/04 Cobra T56 Tranny, Clutch, Flywheel, Bellhousing, Driveshaft, Etc

    I originally bought this to put into my fox but my plans have changed. T56 with upgraded with a 26spline input shaft and a B&M shifter. Centerforce 26spline clutch included, looks to be in excellent shape, also come with a steel 8 bolt flywheel that may need resurfaced. Original aluminum 03...
  4. FastDriver

    SOLD Tremec Tko 5 Speed Transmission With Accessories - $1500

  5. B

    69 Coupe T56 Conversion

    I have a 69 coupe 351 w and a 4 speed top loader rear end geared at 3.89.1 and the 4 speed is killing me on the highway im wanting to swap out the transmission but im torn between the tko 600 and the t 56 id rather the t 56 because I wanna drive it on the highway and want the 2 overdrive gears...