Tr3650 to Tko500 swap


Jun 24, 2019
Hey everyone, so unfortunately my third year in my 02 GT with a tr3650 went from occasionally grinding, to a completely shot synchro, so it's time to go. I've been extremely interested in a Tko 500 swap but I have to be 100% clear what I need to do the swap so I can crunch numbers and see what makes sense. From my understanding, I need the bell housing, a mechanical speedo block off plate, a adjustable cross member? It's the 10 spline version so I know I don't need a different clutch. My concerns are, will the Ford modular bell housing accept the original clutch for and pivot stud? What about the reverse switch? Do the sensors from the 3650 mate to the tko? I would really appreciate if someone gave me the full list of what parts I need. Thank you!
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