transmission swap

  1. H

    T56 Magnum XL swap driveshaft

    Been wanting to do a T56 Magnum XL swap for the past year or so in my 2006 GT, and I think I'm gonna pull the trigger finally. I've found everything I need except for the driveshaft. Driveshaft Shop is like 2 months out on all orders. Shaftmasters is another option, but they are confusing. They...
  2. R

    Electrical Engine Swap HELP

    I have 2 2003 Mustang GT’s. One of which was crashed previously avoiding a heading on collision with a drunk driver, the other I picked up with a blown motor but mint condition body. In order to make it easy to identify which mustang I am talking about here I’ll identify them as: Mustang A...
  3. I

    Drivetrain 2012 V6 Manual Transmission Swap

    I've had my 2012 v6 for about a year now and absolutely love it, but I feel like I could get more enjoyment out of it. It currently has the stock auto transmission in it. My questions are, what would be my best way of going about this project? What all would I need to get this project finished...
  4. B

    Electrical 2007 GT Auto to Manual Swap - engine not starting

    We just did a swap from automatic to manual in our Mustang. Even the wiring harness for the whole car was swapped, and it won't start. Brake lights, headlights, and interior roof lights come on, but no accessories and no cranking of the engine - don't even hear the fuel pump priming. The...
  5. cmerk27

    1998 Mustang Gt Engine Swap. I Need Help!

    I hope I am posting this in the correct area. I searched for a while on the different engine swap forums and I couldn't find the exact thing I was looking for so I apologize in advance if I missed the correct thread and I am making a duplicate thread. Anyways, I have a manual 1998 Mustang GT...
  6. Josephtai3

    Transmission Swap?

    Hi there, Not sure if I'm in the right Area or not. I have a 64.5 with a 2001 cobra engine in it. It's an automatic and would like to convert into a manual. Looking for a swap or purchase. I'm in San Francisco, CA. Thank you! Joe