Drivetrain 2012 V6 Manual Transmission Swap

Sep 19, 2018
Louisville, KY
I've had my 2012 v6 for about a year now and absolutely love it, but I feel like I could get more enjoyment out of it. It currently has the stock auto transmission in it. My questions are, what would be my best way of going about this project? What all would I need to get this project finished? How much would it cost? and would it be possible to get the trans out of a junkyard vehicle(there's a scrapyard nearby with a few v6 mustang with manuals trans)? Also, would the computer be an issue? thank you
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New Member
Oct 5, 2018
Hortonville, WI
I thought about doing something similar when trying to find my 2006, because it was very difficult to find a manual v6. Simply put, my research says is is much more cost effective to just buy a manual. You need a different computer, different wiring harness due to different transmission, different transmission mounts, a transmission (obviously), I think you also need a different driveshaft as well, although I'm not completely sure, along with God knows what else, as well as a ton of time and patience. Personally, I would either get a rachet shifter, which look kinda fun, or just try to find a manual one.