1. H

    T56 Magnum XL swap driveshaft

    Been wanting to do a T56 Magnum XL swap for the past year or so in my 2006 GT, and I think I'm gonna pull the trigger finally. I've found everything I need except for the driveshaft. Driveshaft Shop is like 2 months out on all orders. Shaftmasters is another option, but they are confusing. They...
  2. D

    Tr3650 to Tko500 swap

    Hey everyone, so unfortunately my third year in my 02 GT with a tr3650 went from occasionally grinding, to a completely shot synchro, so it's time to go. I've been extremely interested in a Tko 500 swap but I have to be 100% clear what I need to do the swap so I can crunch numbers and see what...
  3. J

    TR-3650 Clutch Installation

    Just finished installing new clutch in TR-3650 (2002 GT), but there seems to be very little clearance (About 1/2 inch) between the clutch fork and the transmission housing (see first pic). Is this normal? Seems to be very little throw. Wondering if I did something wrong during install. Any...
  4. LarsD

    SOLD 1991 LX hatch 5.0 (347/TKO) Elgin, Texas

    1991 Ford Mustang LX 150K miles (roughly) Black, black/grey interior, 5 speed. $9000 Video of car running: View: Engine - 347 stroker (built by Woody at Ford Strokers), ARP fasteners through out the engine, 170cc Trick Flow heads, Trick Flow R intake, Comp Cam...
  5. LarsD

    What's it Worth? Whats my 91 Hatch worth roughly?

    91 Hatch, about 150K miles, OK paint and body. 347, Tremec TKO 600, mildly built 8.8, Bullitt brakes, tons of stuff done to it. I have it listed for $9K right now with the expectation to go lower, but have had no bites. South Texas area if it matters.
  6. ProjectDemon

    2010 gt tremec t56 magnum xl install

    Hey I just installed the tremec t56 magnum xl in my s197 and the shifter is rubbing on the bottom of the center console. Have any of you had that problem and how did you fix it? It only happens when I go into first and second. I’m trying to avoid cutting the plastic but whatever I guess. Just...