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  1. J

    Does Ford Performance make 3.73 gear for v6 mustangs?

    I know Motive makes rear gears for 2005 v6 mustangs, but I've heard they tend to make noise at highway speeds. The mechanic that's going to do the install for me recommend getting gears made by Ford Performance. I'm having trouble finding the gear I need, so I'm just wondering if Ford even makes...
  2. M

    Mark Viii Motor Swap into 99 V6

    I have a 1999 Roush Stage 1 V6 Mustang 5 speed and have recently acquired a 97 Mark Viii. I have access to everything in the Mark VII and know most of what the swap needs. My Main question is what work would need be done to wire my gauges and such into the Mark Viii ECU or if its even possible.
  3. N

    For All The Engineers With A Billet Pony Delete Grille

    Okay so I recently acquired a 2004 V6 Mustang with a black finish, pony delete billet grille, my question to anyone willing to help is, how would I install a running pony emblem into this grill without having to get a whole new grill. I have the emblem with double sided tape and I'm out of ideas.
  4. D

    Just Would Like A Couple Opinions

    So just a couple questions about my 2000 3.8 I'm hoping someone could help me with. And one of them being, why does it shake when I go over 130 KM and when ever I start slowing down after going over 75ish KM. And the second question being, why did my battery light come on after I red lined a...
  5. J

    Exhaust Best Muffler For 2005 V6?

    I recently purchased my first mustang which is a 2005 v6. I was wondering what would be my best option for a deeper/grumbling sound. I know it's only a 4.0 so I'm not expecting much but I want something more than the stock exhaust. Anything is appreciated!
  6. C

    Mustang Runs In The Blood (candy's Revenge)

    For my 21st birthday my father passed down his 2005 V6 Premium Refire convertible to me, after getting his 2016 GT. This makes me a third generation Mustang owner in the family, and I couldn't be happier about it. He named the car Candy (i.e. candy apple red), so I've decided to name my build...
  7. lil03v6mustang

    Engine 2003 V6 Camshaft

    I have been planning on putting in a new camshaft for my 03 v6 stang, but it has 121,000 miles. For a high mileage engine should I replace the valve springs, rollers, seals or pushrods?