1. M

    2000GT with vacuum leak behind dash

    Hello all, What is the best way to get behind the dash to repair the vacuum leak? Do I go up behind the glovebox or do I need to pull the control console for the air and stereo out? My 2000 GT has, as the title would suggest, a vacuum leak behind the dash. This is the vacuum circuit that...
  2. B

    Fox 1984 3.8 CFI Hatch - Help With Three Unknown Vacuum Lines

    I'm hoping someone can look at the red lines in these pictures hooked up to a T-connector going to the air cleaner and tell me where they go. Obviously this isn't right. The nipples on the far ends of the red hoses weren't hooked up to anything and the black hose on the T-connector going to...
  3. N

    Need help from germany 5.0

    Hi everyone. Im about to restore a 67 Mustang with a 5.0L H.O. engine from 1993 Fox. Its my restomod. Ive read a lot of vacuum leaks and engine problems... to my set up. Ive got the original mainfold intake and the original alternator on this engine. Nothing else. So my question: What vacuum...
  4. L

    Engine Rough Idle at Start, Possible CMCV Vacuum Leak

    Hi, I have a 2015 salvaged coyote in a 67 mustang running on the control pack. Everything is up and running, but it seems to have a rough idle at start. The idle continues to be rough until I rev the engine and it settles down to normal at around 1000rpm for about 5 seconds, after 5 seconds...
  5. D

    Engine Vacuum problem

    I’ll make this as short as possible. Basically I plugged off all my unused vacuum ports on the “vacuum tree” and it bogs down like it wants to shut off once it’s warmed up. But it runs good at idle. But if I pull a couple of them off it doesn’t shut off but idles down a lot and runs worse. Any...
  6. Vulpes5.0

    Vacuum routing question/issues

    I've got a 1987 Mustang 5.0, AOD transmission. Someone before me did a smog pump delete, I don't really think they did it properly but that's something for another day. I have two vacuum lines that I'm not quite sure where they belong. I'm assuming that one belongs on part of the smog system...
  7. Nick Bos

    C4 Transmission has very delayed shifts

    Hi guys, I have a 1970 mustang with a 302 and a c4 select shift transmission. Recently the transmission has been delaying its shifts more frequently as time passes. I adjusted the vacuum modulator screw to reduce the delay and it has not worked (3 full turns counterclockwise). As of right now...
  8. G

    Stupid Questions EGR and Timing

    Hi, Stil to get my car registered but that is another story. I have a couple other questions: 1. When I hook the EGR vacuum up it wants to stall the engine at idle. It didn't do this before but when I was working on something else I noticed the vacuum line to egr was broken so I fixed...
  9. I

    Fresh 331 Oil Issue Help

    Hello, I used to have an account here but I havent had a fox for a bit and forgot my password... I really need help, I just finished a 331 stroker on my 88 notch ex georgia police interceptor. When I purchased the car it was a 306 with edelbrock performer intake and heads, 24lb injectors with...
  10. stang89bidges

    Engine Pcv Valve, Battery Ground, Ford Tfi Ignition Explained

    If this has already been posted before my apologies, but this guy explains what you SHOULD do with your PCV valve after modifications, ESPECIALLY if your blown! Explanation starts at 19:55. View:
  11. T

    Ac Coming Out Defrost Vent

    Whenever i turn my air on, it only works coming out of the defrost vent regardless of where it's set. I've read up and found a common source to be a vacuum leak. My mechanic looked at it this morning and said that if it was a vacuum leak he would be able to hear it and the engine would run...