Engine Pcv Valve, Battery Ground, Ford Tfi Ignition Explained

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25:10 is good explanation of the Ford TFI Ignition Distributor system and how it works.

Those of you out there with idle issues, while your following jrichker awesome articles, this talks about the TFI part, kinda nice to have video talk.
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Check out 36:38 in the video about the thermostat. He says using a 180* is old school thinking and you should use a 192* or aftermarket 195*. Proper engine temp is 192*. He doesn't go into specifics about why because that's not what the video is focused on of course. But check it out, let me know what you guys think about that statement.
Check out 38:05 too, he states that TPS voltage should be .95 or lower, anything above that is incorrect and he said .98 was never correct and that the mustang computer worked best at .90 or less.

I see this sticky thread, hmmmm...

The sticky is correct. The computer resets the TPS input level every time the computer powers up. Whatever the TPS signal reads is accepted by the computer as zero volts and it calculates the increase in voltage from that point. If it sees too much TPS voltage, it sets a code 23.
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