1. Slow92Vert

    New Member

    Hello fellow fox body owners, I am Josue, a southern California resident and proud Fox Body owner. I am new to this community but I am very eager to learn and work on my own Fox. I will try my best to interact and post updates of my projects as they come along. Here is a few pictures of my...
  2. B

    Help! 99 Gt Intermittently Misfiring

    i have a 99 GT auto vert with about 125k miles. i bought the car in december of last year for dirt cheap (thing was leaking coolant bad, among other things). since then it's pretty much been a continuous project as it is my daily driver. I've been able to tackle most issues with it, but now i'm...
  3. Daywalker121

    New From Indianapolis, In

    Looking for Fox Body guys around Indy to give me some tips. I have a '91 vert, bought in July this year. Looking for a good Shop in the Indianapolis area...preferably the south swap out gears and weld in sub frames. Hit me up!!