Hello! 1991 Mustang GT vert


Jul 26, 2021
Hello, I'm Paul. I bought my mustang three years ago, I always wanted one as a kind and finally got one.

I love my 1991 summer edition Fox...keeping it mainly stock, but dressing up the engine bay to make it beautiful...I'll summarize the work done to it a little... painted the intake, valve covers, rims, new sparks/wires/wire holders, egr, new rubber fuel lines, charcoal canister/lines, solenoid, coil, coolant tank/sensor, full suspension work, koni STRT/orange shocks/struts/koni red quadshocks, with Steeda lowering springs and it rides very nicely, not too harsh. I plan to repaint all the trim, repaint the white leather seats, and keep going to some car shows. It's an aod, so I have no intentions of racing it so no major power upgrades, maybe might do under drive pulleys and gears later, but I simply love cruising with the top down, for me that's what the vert is all about. I don't need to spend big money for it to put a smile on my face and I've learned to work on this car a lot. It's been a very reliable daily car for me so far (heat, a/c work) so it ain't no garage queen. I posted some new pics also on my imgur, look up pavlos413


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Nice car....Do tell about painting the seats. I seen that one other time on here.
I used Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric paint. I followed this guy's instructions from this video...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSWQ3U3aqEA&list=PLKxBlDpRgP2flvPpgUNcewdw3hgehQ3Qm&index=18&t=383s

I didn't want to fully remove the seats from the car, so I simply used plastic drape to seal off any areas that I didn't want to get over spray on. It worked great and it is holding up real well so far.
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