watermeth injection

  1. Anti_Hero0932

    No Intercooler?

    Hey guys im just curious, ive been seeing a lot of post on facebook recently where guys are just plumbing their turbos right to their throttle bodies. This seems like their air temps would be very high. i havent really dabbled in Meth injection or anything and im thinking maybe thats how their...
  2. a91what

    Build Thread Enola-Black Fox - the 4r70 saga continues

    Welcome to my laboratory from this point forward is the m90 portion of the experiment. To jump ahead to my M112 install use this link. https://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/frankenstang-m112-blower-install-installing-the-blower.884767/page-66 Enjoy Hi all I have been away for a...