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    Where does this short (5-6 inch) wire go?

    Does this look like a ground? 2003 mustang GT. Replaced intake and now reverse lights,speedo, and blower motor is out. Could this have something to do with it? The wire is only about 5-6 inches long and literally nowhere to plug up. Any ideas?
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    Need help with headlight harness/switch/wiring in 2000 Mustang

    so I've been having the issue of my headlights having a flickering/cutting out completely problem randomly while driving at night (obviously not using headlights during the day). I bought a brand new battery which didn't solve the issue, upon looking for more reasons as to why this was happening...
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    Electrical 2000 v6 fuel pump diagram

    Not so simple as is. I cant seem to find a wiring diagram for a 2000 v6 fuel pump. I dont want to rip the interior out to track the wires if possible i kno someone knows where all the wires go. Little background on the car, was a v6 its LS & t56 swapped. Cut out the ccrm and pulled all uneeded...
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    Electrical Mystery Wire For Ignition Switch

    Hey Guys, Please see pic. What's this severed wire that's butt-connectored to my red/green ignition switch wire?:scratch: Thanks!:flag: