1. D

    Electrical 1987 cruise control help

    When I got my 1987 foxbody it had the buttons for cruise control on the dash. I’ve been trying to get it all hooked but I’m running into some problems with the wire hookups under the dash. I ordered the yellow cruise control module but there’s only one plug for it under the dash and two white...
  2. opihinalu

    How do I wire from underneath the car into the cabin?

    I need to get a wire from underneath the car into the cabin. Any ideas on how to do this?
  3. opihinalu

    Throttle position sensor showing 0 voltage?

    I ran my codes the other day and got “Throttle position sensor out of range”. I have been trying to test it today and my multimeter is giving me just 0 for my reading. This is a brand new multimeter. I connected the positive to the green wire (dont have any sewing needles to pierce so I dug out...
  4. R

    5Volts reference putting out 12 volts with key on 18 volts with car on(overcharge)

    I noticed my tps and other sensors like iac and others are giving a 12 volts read on my multimeter with key-on instead of the usual 5 volts it goes as high as 18.5 volts with car on! I'm guessing those ("missing") 5 volts show up eventually when I turn the car on? But wait , how can that be... I...
  5. 4

    98 gt issues

    Hey so I got a 1998 mustang gt almost two years ago, I’ve had almost everything replaced/fixed from the head gasket being blown, bad water pump, radiator, spark plugs, fuel pump, thermostat , new radiator hoses, tires, new steering column, drain plug, the car came with a 3.6 l fan(idk y the last...
  6. 95 mustang gt 5.0

    95 mustang Gt alterntor problems!

    Hello, recently I got into a rear end accident and the engine wise was fine but the body got messed up a little bit it’s been about a month or so and I’ve fixed it up but one of my main problems is the alterntor doesn’t seem to be charging my battery. I’ve checked the fuses and it’s all good and...