'04 Cobra...Blower oil questions


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May 3, 2001
1. How often do you change the blower oil?
2. What kind do you recommend?
3. How difficult is it to do yourself?

My little brother has about 2700 miles on his '04 Cobra and is looking for any advice regarding this. Evidently, the owner's manual does not describe this procedure or make any recommendations.

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autoXr1 said:
:rolleyes: Sorry for my ignorance here. Are these sealed units? I can't seem to find any info.

Yes, the Eaton unit is sealed, there is a plug but you need to suck the oil out, cant drain it. I think Ford states the mainenance interval at 100,000. You are not supposed to need to touch it. I know some guys who are running smaller pulleys and over-spinning do change the oil on occasion. You can get the oil from Ford or GM. I heard GM is cheaper for the same thing.
I did find some information on the Kenne Bell site regarding their "Blowzilla" supercharger. www.kennebell.net They are recommending a 12,000 mile change. That's a pretty cool site, BTW. Strap on a Blowzilla and gain an additional 300HP over the stock Eaton S/C combo. :nice: