04 Sonic Blue V6 Deluxe Coupe ]OHIO[

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Apr 22, 2009
2004 Sonic Blue V6 with the 3.9L
Deluxe Package with Traction Control
40th Anniversary
Just turned 75k miles.

Northeast Ohio, 20min south of Cleveland.

It's my first mustang and I'm finally looking to upgrade because of added funds and springtime :)

Has seen about 50 miles of snow, and got washed afterwards.

I've detailed it countless times as I do work at a detailing center and am pretty good/decent at it.

New ( under 3k miles ) Cooper Sport Touring's. 225s.

Car needs nothing. I have just changed the oil with Castrol Synthetic 5w-20. Changed ever 2-3k miles since my ownership.

Bone stock engine wise.
Sony head unit with iPod jack. Can throw two 12" sub woofers installed in if you really, really want. Professionally installed head unit by best buy, still have original radio, but the cd player is funky on it.

Clean carfax and has never seen an accident besides some ******* door dinging me and taking off. :fm: But I will try and correct the paint as much as I can before sale. The front bumper could use a respray, but with a fresh coat of wax you really can't notice it much.

Sorry for the lack of pics, but I haven't really gotten around to it.

Just offer really. I don't have to sell at all, just trying to see what I could get and if it's enough, I'll be moving onto a GT or Mach or something similar.


Can get pictures on request of whatever you would like..

email - [email protected]
Do have a cell but just email me for it.

Thanks guys. :D
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