05' Sonic Blue on Order--Help Order Pro's!!


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Mar 31, 2005
Hey guys,

I have an 05' sonic blue that is on order...and still not in. :( ERL keeps telling me clean and clear, unserialized. Despite this ****tiness, since it's still an order, I was thinking of changing up my order and add the spoiler delete option. I love the ducktail from CDC and eventually when (if) i get my car, I'd like to avoid axing off the existing spoiler. In any case, my question: If I change my order now, this late in the game, will it delay my order que or waiting time at all? I would prefer to just bag the idea if it means I'll have to wait longer for my car..but if it doesn't make a difference I wouldn't mind going through with it. Input highly appreciated from ppl that know about this stuff!!!! Thanks!
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....or do I just wait for an '06- vista blue so by the time my order comes in I don't have "last year's" model? (I'm getting the one I currently have ordered for 27,500...fully loaded GT)
yeah I know, it looks absolutely disgusting...thats why I'm so concerned on whether or not if i now get spoiler delete, if it's going to push back my build date at all or effect when it gets serialized
Thanks, except now that its late model year 05, I'm thinking of holding out till 06? maybe check out vista blue? By now my car has been serialized; not a build date quite yet. Now that its serialized, I'm sorta getting stage fright at the thought of possibly regretting having a "last year's model" car. I don't even know how long it would take at this point to get an 06 with placing an order.. but by the time I'd get it now, it'll probably be late july, which will be the end of 05. Aw hell, i don't know what to do