10th Anniversary Cobra junk on a '94-95?

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I just did the 10th anniversary brakes on mine and haven't gotten any flack... When you out stop, out perform, or even jsut out cool others that is when the commenst start... they are a good thing...
Newer, better equipment from Ford Racing is always a good idea. They spend the time and bucks on research and we get the performance.
I would like to set of the wheels on our cars before I buy my wheels.
Punisher302 said:
i think it's cool. i myself might grab the interior off a terminator.

now what i don't understand is why the 94 isn't a 30th anniversary car...?

I have two 30th anniversary hats and I had a 30th anniversary casette tape with songs on it. :shrug: The tape I havent seen in a looong time so I dont know if I still have it. The hats I found a few years back then put them in a safe place. It turned out to be so safe I don't remember but they will pop up when I'm trying to store/hide something else. :D that came with the car. :shrug: I was doing a lot research a few years back, thats how I stumbled upon my avatar. Apparently Ford did not really get a whole package going because the introduction of the 94 was special enough in their mind. I'm not sure if the logo in my avatar is from a jacket or anything like that.