13in Slotted Brembos Warped? Can I have them Turned?

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stunner6910 said:
son of a bitch, there's no way to turn them? so what about when the pads are gone?

change it all i guess if they need it. usually they recommend using an expensive low metal pad with slotted or drilled rotors because they dont gouge the rotor as bad and will save you lots of money because you wont have to replace them
I've got the 4-Piston Caliper Brembo's w/ Brembo Pads. Boy that stuff was expensive, but they work well. I might have flat spotted my new Kumho's also, i dont have a strut tower brace or c/c plates so when the brakes are applied hard I have terrible contact patches. Guess thats one more thing to work for this summer...Tires would be cheaper:(

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