18"x10.5" rim on the front f a Fox


Dec 28, 2003
Sacramento, Ca
Anyone try to fit a 10.5" rim on the front of a fox? I want to run 18x10.5" deep dish FR500s all around. I have 17x9" cobras on it now, I think it might fit but want to see if anyone else has done it. I love the black FR500 with a lip.
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you may have some... probably alot of clearence issues. tire rub will most likely be an issue and turning radius will go UP due to the decrease in angular movement of the tire. It also may look a bit LOW RIDER like.:notnice: I think you may be able to find a tire with a smaller lip for the front but not flush like most
eg. not my car :D

There is a pic floating around here of a fox with HUGE wheels in all four corners. But it has those flaired out fender/quarter kits on it. It was a road racing car.

IF you try it. 96-04 spindles are a must, and you will need extended lugs and big spacers. STock struts are a must, because coil overs give you less clearance with big tires and wheels.

One alternative is to install 94-04 LCA's. The ball joint is 1-1/2" further out, giving you more clearance, but then the wheels will stick out way past the fenders, looking really stupid.
Oh man, just noticed he wants 18's on top of the 10.5 width. That will be even harder. 91+ fenders are a must. 90 and down fenders are clear with my 96+ spindles and 17X8 and 17X9 wheels, but 18's would rub them for sure.
That's right they are 18X10's. Good point. 96-04 spindles will help because it pushes them out 8mm...but the offset of 18's is smaller than that of 17's. I would forget about doing it man. IT won't look right with stock fenders.