For Sale 1965 Mustang 2dr Coupe Near Showroom

Classic 65 Mustang 2dr automatic. Currently located in lower Michigan. Will be transported to Augusta, GA late July. Runs and drives great, can be driven anywhere.
Asking $18k or best offer. Car is Raven black with red interior. Interior is soft and supple and seems new.

Please contact owner via this site or 706-825-7180


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Looks very nice from the pictures
I'm leaving Thursday from GA and will bring the Mustang back to Augusta GA sometime next week. I hope I can find someone who would like to collect this car from me. The car is truly a find. The seats are as supple as if they were installed yesterday. The original carpet looks as though it was never used. With the amount of miles in the car 96k you would think that there would be more wear on things. I literately drove the car 20 miles from its home at 55mph and it rode like my new Altima..ha I will trailer it to GA. but feel I could easily drive her. I'm leaving my feelings out of this. ha
Nice looking car. I'm not in the market, but interested in the value. In your first post you said that the car is an automatic but the car has a 3 speed manual in it. Is it a 240 6 cylinder or a V8 car. Safe travels going to retrieve the car!