1965 Mustang Fastback

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Dec 15, 2003
Cecil County, MD
I am considering selling one of my mustangs to make a dynamic change in my lifestyle, one that a large, lump sum of money would help me achieve. I haven't had any life changing events, I haven't lost my job, I haven't had another kid; everything is actually going pretty good for me right now but I'm just thinking it might be time for a change. I will still have my 67 and will always be on the look out for other mustangs or cars of interest to purchase...I am basically just kicking around this idea as the most efficient way to fund my next endeavor.

I have a pretty nice 65 mustang fastback street car that is pretty peppy and looks pretty good in my estimation. I've done a lot of things to this car over the years that have been documented on my own site here at Dodgestang Archives (I would never ask you to wade through the terabytes of family photos to see them though, I can direct you to them easily enough for any questions).

For a pretty firm $31k asking price you can have a peppy classic mustang. What you will get for that sum is as follows:

1965 Mustang C code run of the mill average car that you can't eat off the air cleaner lid on. (Very honest right ;) )


* Opentracker Boxed upper with manually relocation ball joint and mooglower control arms
* Opentracker Roller Spring Perches
* Shelby A-arm drop
* Eblebrock IAS Shock in the front;
* 620 1 inch drop springs
* TCP stage 1 subframe connectors
* Front torque boxes
* 4 wheel disc brakes (SSBC)
* Streetortrack adjustable Strut rods
* Export Brace and Monte Carlo Bar
* 1 1/8 Front Sway bar
* EVM Watts Link
* EVM Tri-Link


* 351 Cleveland stroked out to 410c running gear professionally built and tuned by a reputable engine builder in Newark DE.
* Custom Cam from the builder plus a second Custom Ed Curtis Cam and lifter set that would certainly make the car even quicker
* Fully sorted AOD Transmission - 3500 Stall, solid input shaft, B&M shift kit
* 3 inch Aluminum Driveshaft (plus a brand new second one that I ordered)
* 57 Ford 9 inch rear with 4.11 Detroit Locker gear set
* 31 Spline Strange Axles
* Griffin aluminum radiator
* Spal 16 puller fan
* 3 inch pipes with an x pipe to 3 inch in/out 2 chamber Flowmaster mufflers then dumped in front of the axle
* MSD 6a Ignition
* MSD Distributor
* MSD Blaster III coil
* BIGS Stage 5 750 carb
* RobMc Fuel pump
* MSD Blaster III coil


* 68 Shelby Style Hood
* Shelby style grill treatment
* 73 Mustang Pop open gas cap
* Ragoon Red Style paint with gold metallic fleck
* 17 x 8 inch Torque Thrust II wheels (4.75 backspacing)
* 245 40 17 BFG g-force T/A KD tires in the front
* 255 40 17 BFG g-force T/A KD tires in the rear
* 275 40 17 BFG Drag Radials in the rear for 1/4 (mount and balanced on a second set of rims)
* GT valance (but current exhaust is dumped in front of axle)


* 2001 Bullitt Mustang High Back leather bucket seats
* JME Gauge Cluster
* 14" Lacarre Steering Wheel (I'm not really satisfied with this wheel, I replaced the 15 inch grant with it, but I don't like the 'feel' as much)
* Clarion Headunit - in hole in dash not wired. Car will be sold with entire setup (headunit, speakers, etc that I purchased some time ago to install in the car and never bothered because it is just too much fun to drive without a radio)
* T-lock shifter handle (theft deterrent)
* Rebuilt the backseat with new carpet from NPD and used some steel wool to clean up all the chrome
* New carpet, resto on the rest of the interior

The bads IMO:
1. Obviously the radio is not installed. Needs to be completely wired battery to speakers
2. No chokes, she will run just fine in the cold weather but it takes a couple starts and stalls.
3. U-joints are worn out, I purchased a new driveshaft since I understand aluminum is a wear item anyway and it came with new joints. Just needs to be installed
4. The battery is dead because I haven't driven the car since my last trip to the track in May. Car ran an 11.45 at 118 on 17 inch drag radials starting from idle.
5. Despite my best efforts it still has an exhaust leak
6. Door internals on the passenger side need to switched so that 65 hardware can be installed. I have all the parts, just never find the time to install them. Currently I have 65 door pulls on the driver side and 66 on the passenger side.
7. The undercarriage is dirty. It's been on my list that the first thing I'll do when I put in the 4 post lift is sand down the underside and paint it all a nice shade of black but I've been procrastinating on the lift for 2 years now.

I also have collected a couple other bits and pieces that I was thinking about installing over the last couple of years that will go with the car. Things like a spare drag link, a new manual rack and pinion setup, new 3 point seat belts and lap belts for the rear, extra MSD cap, rotor, coil, springs, extra paint hood with no scoop, etc...

Many people on this forum have seen this car, some have driven it, some have lost in races to it (kidding...it was only a test and tune :p), feel free to ask me anything about the car or even other forum members about my car. I am very straight forward about it. It's not a Barrett Jackson trophy piece but it is one solid, zippy, well sorted (but not abused), and good looking (my opinion) mustang.

Here are a couple photos








Here's a stuuupid video I took when I fixed the header leak the last time (since I was so happy):
YouTube - Fixed the header leak again....first start

Then I went and did this a couple weeks later:
YouTube - 11.8 @ 118.28

And the header started to leak again

I am online pretty much all the time since I work in ecom so PM or emailatnichatdodgestangdotcom are the two best ways to contact me.
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