Progress Thread 1971 Mustang base 302


New Member
Nov 5, 2018
Cartersville GA
Just became a new owner of this big pumpkin.. everything (almost ) is original, 302 auto tran . interior is excellent, only a tear in the drivers seat.
drove it home just fine, runs pretty good. Currently researching my cost of parts,just trying to put a restore plan together. ,Maybe you guys can give some experienced advice,as this will be my first real restoration.

Heres what it needs immediately , just not sure in what order I should go ..
1. exhaust, manifolds are rusted to hell ,pipes are horrible too..there an obvious exhaust leak. so all of it needs replaced. would like to get headers , and would prefer a good sound, but also prefer an easy swap with little to no mods needed.
2. suspension , it pops and creaks pretty bad goin over bumps and such
3. breaks, havent driven a car this old in a long time,so I may just be used to my 2016 breaks ..but would like to do a full swap to discs. have yet to pick a set (recommendations?) also, pretty sure I should do the suspension and break swap all at the same time. master cylinder is also rusted like hell, so need to swap it out..will need a booster for the discs right?
4. will be a full engine t/o and rebuild ..mostly to clean and freshen it up, but I do know the previous owner tightened the chrome valve covers too tight and caused a leak there
5. eventually will have it painted, but not sure if I want to do a full repaint, or just have the existing one freshened up.. a few chips here and there, like along the door edges. thinking about replacing the hood though with the ram air..havent looked into what all is involved in that just yet.
6. new rims and tires..probably goin with 17x8s

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