Electrical 1987 GT turn signal/hazard light problem


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Mar 28, 2020
Orange County, CA
I have a 87 GT that has a really weird problem with the hazard and turn signal lights. I haven't been able to find any other instance of this happening on multiple forums I have searched.
This is what happens when I turn on each of the lights

Left turn signal- works
Right turn signal- brake lights, parking lights, right turn signal front and rear, license plate lights, and gauge cluster back lighting. (All of it flashes like a turn signal)
Hazard lights- Same as right turn signal but also the left turn signals front and rear flash as well.

Here is what I have replaced:
- Turn signal and hazard light flasher relays
- Turn signal stalk
- Hazard switch
- Headlight switch
- Wiring pigtails for hazard, headlight, and turn signal switches (original wires de-pinned and reconnected to new pigtails)
- All wires have been compared to wiring diagrams and I have made sure they are all in the right spots

Any advice on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Mar 2, 2015
Check your bulb sockets and wiring. The front turn signal bulb and socket can jump power to the parking light circuit. That would make the tails and dash lights come on with turn signal activation. The reason I suspect the front socket or wiring is because the rear bulb is dedicated to turn and hazards. The front ones are parking and turn signal.