1989 Mustang "the Fox"


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Jul 6, 2013

My names David, Im new to the forum. first bought a 1989 mustang LX hatchback 5.0L about two months ago. Purchased it for $1500, rebuilt engine with the building receipts sitting on a stand, and the harness was removed. Spent the first 2 weeks dropping the engine back in the bay along with gathering a few of the known missing parts. and the next 3 weeks putting the harness back in and hooking everything up.

video of her running for the first time


luk clutch + flywheel

engine in

Mac headers I got for $60 a set compared to the factory

tight fit even with the smog removed

repainted the trim and mirror. might end up doing it again Im not quite happy with it yet

Plans for it include is to make it a autocross/drift and roadtrip car.

short term goals/mods:
-get it on the road
-Brake upgrade
-hawk hp+ front pands
-stainless steel brake flexlines
-Tires (at least plans)
-275/50R15 rear
-245/50R15 front
-fix hood dent
-roll the inner fenders to make room for tires
-paint trim
-Cold air intake
-MSD cap/wires
-75mm throttlebody
-75mm mass air meter

Long term goals
-4 lug rear disk conversion
-Change diff ratio to 3.55:1 LS

Now Im sure someone will say "why not change to 5 bolt" and the quick answer is Ive got 3 other fords with 4 bolt rims and about 5-8 full sets of tires on rims at my disposal.. just trying to keep it simple so if I had a flat it wouldnt be the end of the world.

-thanks for reading
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