1990 Mustang GT Black/Black - 5 Speed - Cobra Clone Supercharger Ready

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Dec 4, 2009
Westchester County NY
I owned this car for the past 3 years and used it only on the weekends and in nice weather. Unfortunately, my loss will be your gain since I need the money for some other projects so the toy has to go. The car was built and set up for a Supercharger in mind that I never had a chance to get. I have been planning to add a Supercharger as the last step since everything else is pretty much finished. I hope she goes to a good home and someone gets to put on the final touch.

The car is pretty much a 1990 GT (93 Cobra Clone w/o the side skirts) with black interior and black outside (painted 3 years ago and I give it about a 8 out of 10) Very few if any paint chips. No major issues runs and drives better then NEW. You have to see and Drive it to really appreciate this Mustang.









Under Hood / Drive train
Motor Fresh Built 10K ago / 21K Now
Ported stock heads
GT 40 Intake
Ford B Cams
1.7 Roller
Cobra Valve Covers
Alternator – 200 Amp
Radiator – Aluminum High Performance
BBK fuel pressure regulator
255 in tank pump
Gear – 3:73:1
Aluminum Driveshaft
Motors Sport Clutch
AC – N/A was removed
Heat – N/A not working
Dyno: 238hp – 270lbs torque to the wheels

Brakes / Wheels: 5 lug conversion (All part for conversion cost $4,000 alone)
Brakes – 4 wheel Disc conversion SSBC Force 10 (Powder Coated Black)
(4 piston front / single piston back) SSBC part numbers (A112-8) (A112-1)
Front 13 in. Slotted Rotors / Back 10.5 in. Slotted Rotors
Brake Lines – SSBS stainless lines
Brakes Booster – 93 Cobra
Emergency Brake cable have but not installed
Moser 28 rear axel w/ Rear End Cover
Light Weight Wheels – Steeda 17x9 (NITTO 245/55 front 275/45 back but rubs a little)
Stops Like A Super Car!!!!

All black pretty much spotless 9/10
5 Speed - MAC short Shifter
Auto Meter Pro Comp Siler Gauges (5” tack w/ shift light, Boost, Fuel, Oil, Water)
White face Gauges / White face heater controls w/ Steeda knobs
CD/Player Kenwood worked before but not working now for some reason

Exhaust: (All Bassani for the best sound)
Bassani Headers (Need new gasket small Driver side leak)
Bassani Power X Crossovers with CATS – (past emission before no problem)
Bassani AFT CAT w/ stainless steal tips

Suspension: Full Built (Street/Road Racing)
Caster Camber Plates - Maximum Motorsports
Shocks and Struts – Bilstein MM Sport Series
Quad Shock – Bilstein
Springs – H&R Super Sport (blue)
Heavy Duty Rear Lower Control Arms / Upper – Maximum Motorsports
Maximum Motorsports Full-length Subframe Connectors – Welded In
Heavy Duty Rear Swaybar - Steeda
Strut Tower brace – Maximum Motorsports
Best handling Fox Mustang I ever drove…… Amazing!!!!


Price is $8,500 Firm more then Fair!!!!

I think that’s everything to the best of my ability to describe the Car. I’m selling AS IS with no warranty. I would prefer to sell to a Mustang fanatic who’s looking finish the car as it was planed. .

Please call with any other question serious buyers only – :flag:
Cell - 203-219-1714
Email: [email protected]
Thanks Drei
Damn, thats a nice looking Fox..I wish I was closer to the end of my payments!


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Aug 24, 2005
Norwalk, CT
Thanks man ... well at least you get to keep your Stang :nice:

Me soooooooo sad right now :cry:

Price is $8,500 OBO!!! she needs a good new home :flag:


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Aug 24, 2005
Norwalk, CT
She still needs a good new home :) ... please call make offer and come check it out!
One of the nicest Foxes around. You will not be disappointed.


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May 31, 2005
Was wondering if you still had the car, as i am interested lets say very interested in it. I am currently deployed with the Vt. national Guard and will be returning soon and will need a stang to replace my poor 89 that was stolen. I was wondering if you had an idea of what kind of power the motor and drive train will support supercharger and HP wise. Also as i am aware the car is older and things wear out, is there any issues that you are having with it at this time. I hope it isnt driven in the winter as it looks like no its not, but if so has there been any signs of rust. Thanks for your time look forward to hearing from you.
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