1992 Gt Mustang Air/fuel Setup Help!!!


New Member
Oct 15, 2013
Hello , this is my first post as a member and the only spot I could even figure out how to start typing :crazy: . Anyways I am having difficulty's trying to figure out exactly what I need for my 1992 mustang 302 crate motor(M-6007-XB3) with twin t3 turbo setup so I dont screw my engine up . I need technical help with what air/fuel setup I need . I currently have 160psi in tank fuel pump , BBK fuel regulator , 70MM BBK throttle body , 75MM mass air , 30lbs injectors , and plan on 8lbs boost since ford performance said I would blow the motor if over 12lbs boost . PLEASE HELP !!!! Thank you
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Where is that button or link at ? Im lost , This site needs to be more new user friendly or if someone tells me how to use this site it will probably be easy to use . Thank you
thanks for that link I just posted thread but Im still trying to figure out how you got there . Sorry this is my first time on any forum site so its a whole different world for me