1993 crown vic 4.6 need help


New Member
Feb 27, 2006
melfort, sk
looking to do pi heads and intake with aftermarket cams. the car has 275/40/17 rear tires mickey thompson drag radial and 4.10 posi diff, soon to have 3600 or 3800 stall.

what do i need to get for parts are the crown vics different or what??
also does sct make a tuner for this car??
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Any p.I heads will work but you would have to do a chip type tuner because they didn't have obd2s in cars prior to 96 I believe.

This is true. You also can't put PI cams in those NPI heads either. You have to do the full PI swap, which is better anyway. I would almost suggest finding a low mileage PI engine out of a 2003 (I believe was the first year of PI in the Vics) or newer Vic or Marquis, and grabbing all of the wiring and ECU. At least then you would have an OBD2 system, and you wouldn't need a tune. The ONLY way I would consider doing this is if you either have extreme sentimental value to the 93, or it's absolutely flawless.