SOLD 1993 Mustang Gt Hatchback, 72,000 miles, lots of mods

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Aug 2, 2011
100_4027.JPG 100_4028.JPG 100_4032.JPG 100_4050.JPG 100_4035.JPG 100_4052.JPG 100_4054.JPG 100_4058.JPG 100_4064.JPG 100_4065.JPG 1993 White Mustang GT Hatchback with only 72,000 original miles, and has the rare black interior in excellent shape. Only interior flaw is a small hole in the drivers seat. This car was a florida car and has the original paint in excellent condition. There is no rot anywhere on this car. I have over $27,000 in recipts on this car, not including what I paid for the car, with all of it being done within the last two years and all work with under 400 miles on it! You will be hard pressed to find a cleaner, tighter, well built fox body mustang. I am a 37 year old man that owns this car, not a young high schoold kid who beat the crap out of it. I have never track raced it and it has been in a climate controlled garage. I have listed all the modifications and updates below. I also have most of all the stock parts that came off it to go with it.I am asking $15,500 or best cash offer. I also have a brand new in the box $580 2" rise hood that can be negociated also.
Please, no test pilots. If you are a serious buyer leave me your phone number in the email. Thank You.




-coast high performance stroker 347 short block with engine support girdle
-all tuned on a SCT 6600 4 bank chip
-7 quart canton oil pan
-new computer
-tremek TKO 600 5 speed tranny
-tremec short throw shifter
-trickflow track heat kit,track heat intake, trickflow twisted wedge cylinder heads
-comp roller rockers
-tfs pushrods
-new timing set
-trickflow valve covers with reusable trickflow rubber gaskets
-bbk shorty unequal length headers
-full bbk american thunder 2.5" exhaust with off road H-pipe
-ford racing hydraulic lifters
-24 lb high impedence fuel injectors
-bbk fuel rail
-pro-m racing mass air meter with chrome BBK air intake kit
-mishimoto 3 ow aluminum radiator with dual electric fan and shroud setup
-full set of silicone radiator hoses
-accufab 75mm chrome throttle body
-new water pump
-bbk 255 lph fuel pump with all new fuel tank gaskets,vapor sensor, and fuel tank strap holders
-arp cylinder head studs
-mls cylinder head gasket
-comp cam hydraulic roller camshaft
-trick flow sfi 28 oz balancer
-quick time TFI steel bell housing
-centerforce dual friction clutch set with new pilot and throw out bearing
-ford racing 28 oz flywheel
-bbk clutch cable and firewall adjuster with quadrant
-new starter
-MSD 6al ignition box
-MSD pro billet distributor
-arp oil drive rod
-melling m68hv oil pump
-new oil pickup
-stainless steel braided fuel lines and fittings under hood- not all the way back to tank
-smog delete puller assembly
-rcp aluminum overflow tank
-ford racing spark plug wires with heat boot covers
-in line fuel pressure guage
-new speedometer cable and speed sensor
-3:55 gears with new posi lock assembly and ford racing rear end girdle cover
-ford racing aluminum drive shaft
-bbk underdrive pulleys
-3G alternator with upgraded power wire
-optima red top battery
-msd coil
-poly motor and tranny mounts
-all new sensors under the hood, temp, iac, etc.

-welded full length sub frame connectors
-saleen sc style chrome rims with staggered NITO tires (has a awesome stance to it)
-maximum motorsports strut tower brace
-eidelbach front and rear sway bar kit
-SSBC front brake kit with slotted rotors, all stainless steel braides brake line hose kit. Front ford racing caliper covers, new rear brakes and drums
-new front struts and rear shocks
-newer rear quad shocks
-all new front end hardware, whelel bearings,tie rods, ball joints, etc.
-new master cylinder

-alpine cd player with i-pod hookup- installed professionally
-alpine mrx v-60 amp
-alpine 10" subwoofer
-alpine 5 1/4" fronts and alpine 6 1/2" rears all new heavy geauge speaker wiring and power wiring
-new power mirrors
-new power window switches
-power door lock actuators
-new ford door handles
-new ford mustang under hood insulator
-new windshield wiper arms and wiper
-new air Grill and trim by windshiled wipers
-black map pocket delete kit
-oem drip rail moldings
-oem black armrests
-car cover
-new fog lights
-new door hinge pin kit and rollers
-new ultra clear headlights kit
-new door soundproofing and insulation with moisture barrier
-new door gaskets
- 90 percent of the window and all other moldings around the car were replaced. the Front and rear windshiled are original and in excellent shape. I had them resprayed with the original black trim paint color.
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