SOLD 1995 Mustang Gt In Los Angeles, Ca, $2800

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Recently finished repairing my rear
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Aug 26, 2004

I am selling my 1995 Ford Mustang GT. I bought it as a daily driver while working on my project car. Well, the project car is done and has proven reliable as a daily driver so it's time to sell the GT and let someone else enjoy it.

This car has a VALID California Smog Certificate that is good until December 08, 2016. This means if you purchase and submit the paperwork before that date, the Mustang will NOT need to be smogged again for two years!

I've detailed below all of the modifications I've done to the car since I bought it, and the recent maintenance. It's quite a lot! With all these modifications, this car is a great bargain at $2800.

Basic Info:
* 1995 Ford Mustang GT
* Exterior paint was Lazer Red. The last owner repainted the faded paint with a non-Ford color that's close to Lazer Red.
* Interior is Black with fabric seats
* 5.0 V8 engine
* T5 Manual transmission with King Cobra clutch
* Mach 460 sound system with aftermarket stereo. With proper door insulation, it sounds really good.
* Passed smog on 9/09/16
* Registered until 9/16/2017
* 118,182 miles

Recent Maintenance:
New Autolite 25 spark plugs on 8/21/16
Oil change with Mobile 1 Synthetic 5w30 on 9/3/16
New re-manufactured power steering pump on 11/19/16
New idler pulley on 11/19/16
New battery on 8/21/16
New KYB AGX rear shocks on 10/15/16

Exterior Modifications:

I was going for a classic Mach One look, so these mods were a step in that direction.
* Willpak Aluminum Rear Window Louvers
* 2003/2004 Mustang Mach 1 17x8 OEM rims. The insets are painted black instead of the OEM gray.
* Black Gorilla locking lug nuts (a key will come with the car)
* "Spinner" Center caps. These can be turned by hand to get to the lug nuts.
* Aftermarket Black Spoiler. You can have the OEM red spoiler if you want it.
* Saleen tail light covers, unpainted. They are attached with velcro so you can remove them and paint them if you want to.
* Black bumper inserts

Interior Modifications:

* 1998 Black Center Console, you get two cup holders instead of the horrible OEM one.
* Seat bracket extenders, they move the seats back about 3 inches. Great for tall drivers! I am 6' tall, and I can't push the clutch in all the way when the driver's seat is all the way back.
* Cascade Audio Engineering sound dampening material in the door and behind the door speaker. Eliminates the 'muddy' sound from the stock radio and almost all rattles and vibrations from the doors. I still have a couple of songs that can rattle the door at the right volume, though.
* Driver's broken power seat track replaced with a manual seat rack

Engine / Engine Bay Modifications:
* Performance Distributors "Firepower Ignition Kit", which includes:
- "Screamin’ Demon" ignition coil
- "Dyna Module" TFI module
- "Livewires" spark plug wires
* Vacuum lines replaced with thick-walled silicone hoses - will not collapse under vacuum!
* Cobra strut tower brace, will clear most aftermarket intakes
* Air intake silencer removed
* Energy Suspension motor mounts

Brake Modifications:
* Front rotors are dimpled/drilled.
* Brake pads front and rear still have plenty of pad left, and appear to be wearing evenly.

Front Suspension Modifications:
* 2003/2004 Cobra Front Control Arms (rare part)
* Polyurethane sway bar and end-link bushings (I forget if they are Prothane or Energy Suspension parts)
* Griggs Racing front springs. These are LINEAR-RATE springs, not progressive-rate springs. Front is lowered about 1.75".
* KYB AGX struts
* Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber plates
* Tires have plenty of tread left

Rear Suspension Modifications:
* Maximum Motorsports Rear Lower Control Arms
* Hotchkis Rear Upper Control Arms
* Griggs Racing rear springs. These are LINEAR-RATE springs, not progressive-rate springs. Rear is lowered about 1/2".
* KYB AGX shocks
* Tires have plenty of tread left

Exhaust Modifications:
* Bassani X-Pipe with FOUR hi-flow catalytic converters. Passes smog cleanly without any tricks!
* Bassani cat-back exhaust with nice chrome tips. Do a Google search for "bassani exhaust 1995 mustang" and the first video result is this car.

Things that need to be fixed (fortunately a short list):
* I replaced the idler pulley because it squeaked, and the brand-new idler pulley STILL squeaks! [email protected]#*[email protected]%$
* The driver's seat has a hole in the fabric, as you can barely see in one photo, and just like all the old cars the seat foam is falling apart.
* The paint is damaged in two spots. I never had them touched up because I was going to repaint the car the proper Lazer Red color. But I never got around to it.


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