Expired 1996 Triple Black Convertible Gt...houston, Tx

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May 17, 2013
I have an all black convertible gt mustang...it has black leather seats with the typical tears that all mustangs have, passenger is a little worse though, but rear seats are perfect...its a 5 speed standard tranny, clutch is about 7 months old and I just installed a brand new ford racing throw out bearing a couple weeks ago...brand new rear o2 sensor plugs, brand new msd coil packs, brand new air and fuel filter, fresh oil change, and brand new timing kit installed...Also has brand new rims and tires, chrome saleen replicas with svt center caps, 18x9 up front and 18x10 in the back, tires are kuhmo ecsta....the rims are plastidipped black but can easily be peeled off if you want chrome...

black top is fairly new as well and has the rear defroster on the glass window...it also has an 80mm maf with a short ram intake...and 3.27 gears in a 8.8" rear with positrac...

issues with the car is that there are no mufflers, they were taken off due to having holes, but the rest of the exhaust is there and stock....im asking 4250 obo or will trade...I drive almost 100 miles a day for work, so something thats better on gas would be nice...

call, text, or email any time...281-964-5829

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Really? I mean from the pics you posted, it looks worth more than you' re asking, but more pics would help. If you' re selling it that cheap, you must be trying to unload it pretty quick!
I was kind of in a bind at the time, and getting frustrated at repkacing a bunch of stuff...but all thats been fixed now...

It's got about 120xxx miles on it...

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