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Mar 2, 2001
Hagerstown, MD
$6000 OBO
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

1997 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Coupe 156K miles - Black

Motor replaced at 156k miles with a 98 Cobra motor with 80k miles on it. Runs perfectly. This motor is spotless. Still has the inspection sticker on the back of the valve cover.

New in the last several months
New (correct size) battery, new 9mm Ford Motorsport plug wires-this corrected a miss on cylinder #7-runs like new now. New Evap purge valve and purge flow sensor-this corrected CEL fault code for EVAP system. New EVAP charcoal canister and replaced dry rotted vacuum lines.
New A/C compressor, receiver/dryer/orifice tube A/C line-evacuated and charged-cold A/C again.
New Continental (gatorback) serpentine belt
New drivers side door panel-old one had huge tear in it.
New windshield, new front tires, and front end alignment.
New rear wheel bearings and seals

New in the last 12 months
Aluminum radiator, Thermostat, Flowmaster mufflers, serpentine belt, Power window switches (both),
Parking brake cables, Alternator-lifetime warranty
Oil & filter change @ 156k

New in the last year:
Transmission serviced by Hanlon Motorsports. Corrected reverse sticking and replaced first gear syncro.
New throwout bearing & new Pro 5.0 shifter
Drivers door lock actuator, Trunk lid lift struts.

New in the last 3-4 years
Transmission completely overhauled by Hanlon Motorsports
Centerforce Flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, Correct Ford clutch fork & pivot ball
Steeda clutch cable, quadrant, & firewall adjuster
Koni sport shocks & Struts, ALL the suspension bushings. Steeda Sport Springs
Rotors, pads & battery.
All brake hoses. Cobra headlight & park light housings. Steeda pedal pads.
Rear end pinion seal, yoke & nut, rear axle seals, Energy Suspension Motor & trans mounts

This is a solid 10 foot car. Mechanically sound. It has small dents on the fenders, more than a few scratches, rear bumper cover has minor damage. Deep scratches on the front bumper cover. 4 inch rust bubble on the left rear wheel quarter panel.
I compounded the car with a power buffer, hand glazed, power buffer polished and hand waxed. It looks great.

The car is mechanically in fantastic shape. Runs and drives like new. Cold AC
Aftermarket radio with flip up screen, bluetooth, and backup camera. All work.
Amp with subwoofer connected and works great. The Amp is mounted to back of fold down rear seat. Has original owners manual pak. Includes binder with all receipts and documentation and SVT certificate-the original one and a new one.
Has 2003 Cobra front seats-camel color. Drivers seat 6 way power adjustable. The original black leather front bucket seats are included.
Has 2003 Cobra 17" replica wheels. In good condition. Some pitting.
Payment in full prior to shipment or delivery. I have described the car as accurately as possible and illustrated defects with the pictures. Its a solid car. I would drive it anywhere.

Includes 1997 Ford service manuals


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